1 Start with small changes: Instead of a diet over haul, start with small changes to what you eat and drink, and stick to these changes. ‘Sustenance’ is the key.

2 Take one day at a time: Sometimes things don’t go as planned, even when you try your best and with the best of intentions. If you miss out on one day or one milestone, don’t get disheartened and give up.

3 Be active your own way: If you choose an activity, pick what you would enjoy doing as you are more likely to follow them on a regular basis.

4 Team up: Find a friend who has similar goals as yours. Build a support group, motivate each other, exchange diet plans and recipies.

5 Celebrate your milestones: Think of each change as a win and celebrate your victories as you move towards your goals. Reward yourself on crossing milestones.

Source: USDA gov.